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• Pub. date: January 2006
• Street Date: October 2005
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• Pages: 104 (illustrated) includes Bibliography and Index
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A new vision for those who have lost so much...

This workbook provides more than 50 questions and exercises designed to empower those with physical loss and disability to better understand and accept their ongoing processes of loss and recovery. The exercises in Coping with Physical Loss and Disability were distilled from ten years of clinical social work experience with clients suffering from quadriplegia, paraplegia, amputation(s), cancer, severe burns, HIV/AIDs, hepatitis, lupus, sensory loss, and neuro-muscular disorders. This technique applies to any loss arising from accidents, injury, surgery, or disease.

What Therapists Are Saying...
  • “This workbook is a very good stimulus for focusing on issues that are crucial for better coping with loss and disability.”
    —Beni R. Jakob, Ph.D, Israeli Arthritis Foundation (INBAR)

  • “This workbook is a tremendous resource that is practical and easy to use. The author shows his connection with this material in a way from which we can all benefit.”
    —Geneva Reynaga-Abiko, Psy.D., University of Illinois, Counseling Center

  • “To date I have not seen another tool that can help people who have disabilities become self-aware and adjust to their new lives. This workbook can help them to see how they still have strengths and abilities and move beyond being disabled to reestablish their self-acceptance and functionality.”
    —Ian Landry, MSW, RSW

  • “Rick Ritter’s workbook is invaluable for anyone who has been damaged in any of a very wide range of ways: surgery, accident, violence, disease, and even aging”
    —Robert Rich, Ph.D., author of “Cancer: A Personal Challenge”
  • "I recently read again Coping with Physical Loss and Disability in the light of myself being in a wheelchair and then on crutches myself after an ankle operation. When I first read it I liked it and and found it very life affirming the second time - in the light of my own experiences - I thought it is a brilliant book and am promoting it to all I can (it is also included on my website)
    Barbara Ayres, Hertsfordshire, U.K.

    About the Author
    Rick Ritter, MSW, a disabled veteran and social worker, has worked with more than a hundred clients who have experienced physical loss and disability. This workbook is a distillation of the very best questions and exercises to draws clients towards re-taking control of their lives. Ritter has competed in international events for disabled athletes. Illustrated by Tyler Mills.

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